American Air Conditioning services gas furnaces for heating your home in Rio Rancho New Mexico.  American Air Conditioning will repair or replace your old furnace quickly and professionally guaranteed.  American Air Conditioning can install a more efficient gas furnace or even a high efficient 90% gas furnace.  If you can’t tell by now, American Air Conditioning also means we do HEATING too.  For those of you that are confused by the meaning of the word, air conditioning, here is the definition:  The definition of air conditioning is the control of TEMPERATURE, humidity, air movement, and cleaning of air in a confined space.  So it is safe to say air conditioning also includes heating.  American Air Conditioning only wants the best for its customers, so that is why we’ve chosen Rheem, an American based company.  Their equipment is backed by a 10 year warranty (Cheaper equipment only gives a 5 year warranty).  They are the only company that makes 100% of its equipment and parts right here in the U.S.A.  Most customers would be confident and have a greater piece of mind in giving back to their country and not choosing to outsource products to some other country.  For great customer service give us a CALL at 505-892-COOL(2665).  Have a great day!

Air Conditioning Also Includes Heating