American Air Conditioning does preventative HVAC system maintenance on your heating and cooling equipment.  Call us to schedule at 892 COOL(2665) before its too late!  Be sure and have your HVAC system looked at by a qualified service technician every year for preventative system maintenance.  They should give you an assesment of the condition of your furnace or A/C system.   Some system maintenance can be done by  the homeowner, they should always change the air filter regularly (Every 30 days is reccommended).  A lot of  HVAC problems are associated with not having a clean air filter.  Another system maintenance tip the homeowner can do is to vacuum out the equipment every year.  This will prevent a build up of dust and dirt.  Sometimes electrical failures occur because the metal contactors need to be cleaned.  In the end a small service charge is better than having to pay a huge pricetag on new equipment for something that could have been prevented by having yearly or even seasonal system maintenance done.

Preventative HVAC System Maintenance